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Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

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Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie


2 bananas

300g wild blueberries

(1 cup cilantro)

300ml orange juice 

1 tbsp Purasana Raw Green Powder ( barley grass,spirulina,chlorella)

1 drop dōTERRA  Frankincence

1drop dōTERRA  Wild Orange

(1 small handful of Atlantic dulse)

Optional: water to blend



In a high speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth. If a thinner consistency is desired, add up to 1 cup of water. Enjoy!

Read all about heavy metal detox and why you should do it on


DIY Mermaid Mask,that really works

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Ohh joy!

I finally created a DIY Mermaid Mask ������ So easy and so wonderful!

•1table spoon Purasana Raw Green Powder (Spirulina, chrorella,Barley grass,and other goodies)

• ~2-3 spoons water (add carefully while mixing to find the perfect texture.Use rose water or micellar water if you have it)

•2-3 drops raw avocado oil (GIS avocado oil)

•1drop @doterra Frankinsence

•Mist your face with some rosewater (I used @esseprobioticskincare Probiotic Toner) and apply the mask.Spray some more to keep it hydrated for about 15min.Wash off.Sing in the shower! ������

What it does?

The mask is deeply hydrating,brightening ,invigorating and detoxifying.Its packed with potent phytonutrients.

Just to name a few benefits,they are highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

������ Hjemmelaget spabehandling,aromaterapi og lymfedrenasje ¤¤¤


Max and Me I am The Light Face Oil - OBL Club

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The name says it all.It is an invitation on a journey to your inner light and true beauty.

Max and Tanja wish to take skincare to another level.And the most important ingredient of all Max and Me compositions is high vibration-that is making the products more potentin their effectiveness.

I am The Light oil is said to illuminate skin and soul and promote the connection with your third eye. The product comes in a beautiful bottle and with a magical story of wisdom and inspiration. It was certainly a very powerful part of the first impression. Was it the vibe or my imagination, but only having hands on I am The Light elevated my entire being for sure. It was a beautiful moment of joy opening the stunning package and trying I am The Light for the first time.

Well, i take my beauty routine seriously ( no wonder why i am a beautician) and i need to know what is in the products i am using.But first of all i caress the item with my eyes and smell it. That’s how i know if i want to put that on my face or body. Even the package need to smell good, in order to continue our rendezvous. Yes that’s right.My beauty routine is always a love story between my soul,body and nature.

I am The Light smells smooth, and slightly seductive. Delicious scent of rose petals and jasmine invigorates but also calms the mood. It is certainly perfect for senitive skin and anxious mind. They most commonly appear together.

The color of this golden-hued face oil is slightly darker than i would expect, but the feel of it is light and soothing. You warm up just a few drops in your palms, inhale deeply and apply it with gentle even movement over your face and neck. Light,yet deeply relaxing.

For me that was the most memorable effect of  Max and Me oil.

I have dry 45 y/o skin, so i needed some extra hydration and nourishment.I would wait few minutes before i apply my serum/or cream.However  I am The Light face oil was a delightful treat to have and it paired well with my skin care regimen. Most certainly i would love to try the other products from this beautyful line.

I did share some drops of Max and Me I am The Light with my clients, and it apperaed to be the best on younger sensitive skin for instant calm.

Overall rating::)


Action(what it does)-:)

 OBL Club is a community of organic beauty lovers who: Love natural,organic and green beauty. Check it out and register 

You are the Light,



Singing in The Shower with Moonsun Organic of Sweden

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I feel so lucky to have got to try a wonderful Body&Hair Soap by Moonsun Organic of Sweden, that i simply must share my joy.

I am a soap person.I hord soaps.I love the smell,the shapes,the texture of soaps.I love all about them.So to convince me to try a shower gel, is already a big deal.Well,for me it is.

I was intriqued by the fact that Moonsun Organic of Sweden has created products with holistic approach, and they promote environmental awareness.And i have the thing for aromatherapy.Sold.

And ohh was it lovely.The fresh lemony scent of lemongrass and linden flowers and soft lather.It foams up only enough as there is no SLS in it.But don’t you just love to know that someone has created a product that is luxurious, multifunctional and is totally safe to use? And you do not need even to use a parfume.I smelled like an walking orchard until the next shower.

Wait,did i say multifunctional?Yes, it is. I used it only for my body and hair, but on the label it states that you can use Body&Hair Soap also as shaving soap,cleanser and bubble bath.I will continue to use another organic shampoo for my hair,but i would love the bubblebath experience though.

Beeswax Bodyoil- Let me tell you, if the shower soap was so good, the body oil was AMAZING! I only had a few  tiny samples to try,but i can’t wait to get my hands on a full size product.The oil had a scent very similar to the previous product, but it also contains buckthorn and beeswax, that makes it sort of deeper and fruitier,if that makes sense.The texture is nice and rather balmy, goes on smoothly,melts right in and leaves your skin fragrant ,firm and gorgeous.Just a perfect product for a goddess.And again,needless to say-no parfume needed.

For my surprise,there were also Cleansing Oil samples in my goodie bag.I have dry and dehydration prone skin and i wear make up every day. So i am always after a good cleanser.And Moonsun Organic of Sweden Cleansing Oil might just become one of my favorite face cleanslers.It was perfect texture to massage my face with,yet it washed off really well. My skin felt fresh and clean,but soft and hydrated. Spicy citrusy scent was a bonus,especially for a morning routine.I will certainly give a full size a try.

Overall rating:


Action(what it does)-:D

Happy Showers,


Why Green Beauty

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A simple answer would be – because i care.

The reason why i am writing this,is that „green beauty“ is becoming a trend. The number of beauty products wearing labels such a s „organic“ or „natural“ or „green“ has skyrocketed. Finally,yay! Or how do you know if it is really good for you, or if its only about buying trendy stuff ? Online.

I have always resonated with natural. Making masks out of oats and carrot juice was not only fun but also more affordable.As a student i learned about fancy ingredient names that can be found in cosmetics.But at home i mixed grains,grated veggies and herbal teas for my weekly home spa rituals.

Yes to be honest,however much i loved natural ingredients and „green“ ideas,as an aspiring young professional i had to make sure that the products i used in my treatments would deliver the results expected.And honestly „organic“ products did not have much to show to impress.Yet i continued the research about alternative methods and finding as natural products as i could.

I also started to pay attention and learn how i feel about things.It made sense to eliminate ingredients,products and even foods that seemed to be unnecessary to use or triggered any discomfort.And i did introduce my ideas and insights with people who wanted to hear.Bringing energy work into my treatment room was a beginning of a new journey,that took me around the world.Literally.I decided to walk my talk, and speak my mind. Dreaming about greener world.Promoting self care and spreading the love.

One must go clean form inside out. What is instide is outside.Its is not about new trendy bits and pieces, it is about living in harmony with your true self.Being aware.By eliminating what’s not serving you, you become genuinely organic and green.And yes, it will be always work in progress.

So here is my promise to you and myself – to do only what makes my heart sing and share it with others. That is true Green Beauty to me.